Lasting Power of Attorney


There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney that are valid in England and Wales:

Property and Finance Lasting Power of Attorney

A Property and Finance lasting power of attorney allows the attorney(s) to make decisions about things such as paying bills, dealing with the bank and selling a house. It can relate to some of the person’s money or all of it – that will be up to the person who is granting the power.

  • The person granting the power can also decide if they want the option of their attorney managing their money even if they still have capacity to make these decisions themselves, or if they want their attorney to manage their money only if they no longer have the mental capacity to do it themselves.
  • Sometimes it is useful to have an lasting power of attorney in place even when the person still has capacity to manage their own money, for instance if the person is in hospital for a long time and cannot get to the bank.


Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney

A Health and Welfare lasting power of attorney allows a person to grant an attorney authority over such matters as where they live; health care; and treatment (i.e. health treatment and community care). It can include the power for the attorney to give or refuse consent to medical treatment. An example of this would be the donor granting the attorney power to refuse life sustaining treatment on their behalf.

  • A  Health and Welfare lasting power of attorney cannot come into effect until the person has lost the capacity to make decisions about health and social care. Health and Welfare attorneys do not have any right to manage the person’s money.


Our Costs

Our costs for preparing and submitting applications are set according to how many Lasting Power of Attorneys you require. For one Lasting power of attorney, our costs are £295. For two Lasting powers of attorneys, our costs are £475. If you require four LPAs (e.g. both types of lasting power of attorney for a couple), our costs start at £695.

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