Grays Powers of Attorney nominated for an Award!

Grays Powers of Attorney nominated for an Award!

Spending time meeting new people is always a delight! I take great joy in making new connections as I believe in connecting people, supporting their interests and helping to develop good business for all concerned. To this end I decided to join a national business group called ‘Forward Ladies’ as I became aware that they have local groups who meet monthly, my local group being Newcastle. Wanting  to meet like-minded women who could offer an invaluable source of knowledge, friendship, advice and support for my business I wandered nervously into the meet to see what it was all about. Months later I have not looked back! Many have become my business confidants and advisors, and I would even go as far to say my dear friends, an unexpected blessing indeed!

I know this may sound strange to say but being the ‘powers of attorney lady’ is actually a badge I wear with pride. Lasting powers of attorney (LPA) are so important and I am passionate about raising their profile and people’s awareness about how they can alleviate so much stress and anxiety for loved ones when their father/mother/husband/wife/partner is no longer able to make decisions for themselves and handle their affairs due to mental capacity issues. Getting a Property and Finance LPA enables you to also instruct your attorney(s) to act for you when you have a period when you are not well, in hospital, or even if you are away on business/holiday abroad. This is a worthwhile benefit in itself. Having it in place also means that if you were to lose mental capacity in the future your attorneys can act on your behalf and handle all of your affairs, including sell your home, make applications for welfare benefits, sort investments and pay any bills. Without this, a third party or family member would have to apply to the Court of Protection to become a deputy in order to deal with your affairs and in the meantime you (and potentially your family) are left in a ‘vulnerable’ position.

My mission is to enlighten others to realise that there are very effective legal means available which enable life to run as smooth as possible when things do get tough. So what is holding you back today? Have you got a lasting power of attorney? If you haven’t, get it sorted! It will be one of the best things you will do to give you and your family peace of mind.

Contact Sarah:   07877312472    www.facebook.com/gpalaw      sarahgray@gpalaw.co.uk

Grays Powers of Attorney has been nominated for an award in the start up category for the Forward Ladies National Awards 2017

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