Have you made a will and protected your loved ones?

Have you made a will and protected your loved ones?

When is the best time to make a will?

  • When you start to acquire any assets, including jewellry, property, car, art work, savings/investments…. (and you are 18 years of age or over)
  • When you have children (it is essential you appoint guardians to ensure your children do not end up with unknown third parties)
  • When you get married, or re-married (you may not wish everything to automatically go to your spouse)
  • When you engage with sporting activities that could potentially cause serious injury/accident (many people die from injuries sustained from keeping fit and active)
  • When you are in a long term relationship ( be aware that the law of intestacy doesn’t apply to unmarried partners unless in a civil partnership)
  • When you inherit (you can then have your say as to where you would like it to go should the worst case scenario arise, and you may need tax planning advice)
  • When you travel reguarly – including car, ferry, plane, national and international travel (accidents can and do happen; think, what if….)
  • When you are diagnosed with an illness/disease that could impact on your lifespan

The reality is, it is important to review your affairs on a regular basis ( even where you have already made a will). Not only does it mean that you can be sure that the people you want to inherit will do so, it also ensures that your affairs are handled more effectively and your loved ones can rest assured that the process will be quicker to sort out.

We now offer wills as part of our legal services. Our simple wills start at £100. Contact us today to find out more information –

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