Our LPA Services

We offer two types of lasting power of attorney service to suit your need and budget.

Most clients choose our full service as it guarantees to meet their every requirement. Let us sort out everything for you, enabling you to relax knowing we have everything in hand.

Our Full Service:

  • face to face meeting(s) in your home or temporary place of residence (no time restriction) – out of hours/weekend appointments are included
  • taking full instructions to create a lasting power of attorney and obtaining your signatures
  • meeting with family members, where appropriate
  • acting as certificate provider, where required
  • advising your attorneys and certificate provider about their roles to ensure that they are fully aware of their responsibilities to you
  • creating a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • completing an application to obtain reduction or remission of court fee, where applicable
  • sending all documentation off to court for registration
  • being the correspondent for the court

Prices for this service start at £295.00


Our Check and Advice service allows you the option to prepare the application yourself whilst having the benefit of gaining the expertise of a legal expert without the price tag. It is DIY without the worry of having your application returned by the court for being incorrect, thereby negating the need to redraft the application, get it all re-signed, and paying a further fee to the court.

Our Check and Advice Service includes:

  • advising you on how to best prepare and create a lasting power of attorney, home visit as standard (out of hours and weekend included)
  • checking the lasting power of attorney application deed you have created to ensure that it is correct and robust for future use
  • all advice required to assist you in lodging the application at court for registration

Prices for this service start at £95.00


Contact Sarah on 07877312472 to discuss your needs and get peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order.