Find out what a power of attorney can do for you!

Find out what a power of attorney can do for you!

We marvel at all of those who are in the Armed Forces and the Public Services, such as the Police/Paramedics/Firefighters, who chose to dedicate their lives to serving others and risking it all. They are truly amazing people, and I for one, am very grateful for their dedication and hard work.

I do, however, often wonder if they know about lasting power of attorney (LPAs) and their ability to give them and their families peace of mind, continuity of life choices, as well as help them handle their affairs when they are not available, such as when they are deployed out of the country.

I recently had a lovely client in his 20s who is in the Army create LPAs in recognition of this fact. He realised not having lasting power of attorney meant he, his wife and his children were left vulnerable. He wanted to protect himself and his family unit.

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